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this month's quadpod: stories in the soil

welcome to the quadpod, a podcast highlighting life in the baylor community!

in this month's episode, hear about the archeological significance of baylor's campus, learn about the "trees of baylor" project and how students are identifying trees and recording the information using gis software, and listen to anika iqbal's '20 story on the organic gardening program run by dr. robin fazio '92.  along the way, you will meet victor mcclure, head of landscaping and grounds and baylor; retired faculty member bill tatum and history instructor james scott '00; and many others. 

in this podcast you will hear more about this large red oak that used to stand between roddy theater and ireland studio. it was believed to be one of the oldest of its kind in the state before it fell in 2015.  the tree grew to be 107 feet high with a circumference of 18 feet, 4 inches.  although the exact age of the tree was unknown, measurements applied using a tennessee forestry department formula suggest it was the largest red oak in hamilton county and the second-largest red oak in tennessee.

the podcast, which includes content created by students enrolled in mike kelly's digital narratives course, will feature a wide variety of baylor stories. additional podcasts are currently in production and will be shared on all major platforms once they are available.

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