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update emergency text information

emergency text notification signup

in order to be notified of school closings and/or safety information we need all parents to register for the "etext" emergency notification system. we are updating the software, so even if you have registered in previous years that information is now obsolete. you must re-register at this time in order to receive messages, which have proven to be very effective in recent years for early dismissals due to severe weather.


  • the etext system will not work with international numbers/carriers.
  • parents must register using the cellphone of their choice: baylor cannot add users manually as the system requires a cellphone response to verify the code.
  • parents must register each new school year: this system is updated each year in late summer and you will receive instructions to re-activate at that time.

family instructions to register for emergency texts

  1. text the class list keyword listed below to 79516.
  2. e2campus will then text back with "welcome to omnialert" followed by instructions on how to stop receiving messages.
  3. text additional keywords to 79516 to subscribe to different classlists (for multiple students). for instance: if your student is a senior (class of 2019), you should text: baylor2019 to the number 79516

student graduating year - - - - keyword

  • class of 2021 - - - - baylor2021
  • class of 2022 - - - - baylor2022
  • class of 2023 - - - - baylor2023
  • class of 2024 - - - - baylor2024
  • class of 2025 - - - - baylor2025
  • class of 2026 - - - - baylor2026
  • class of 2027 - - - - baylor2027


if you have any questions, please email tech support at

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